We value your influence

Yes, your influence has value.

Everyone has a center of influence. Think about all of the people that you are personally connected to online. You may not command the attention of millions, but your influence is significant because it is close and targeted. Newsworthy.ai offers anyone the opportunity to participate in our marketplace.

As an influencer on our platform you...

  1. Expand Your Network - The marketplace matches you with new and interesting people and companies. As you engage with them your network and influence will grow. It is a great way to gain exposure for your company or personal brand.
  2. Get Paid - Newsworthy.ai customers receive a marketplace allowance for every press release they send out. Some of this money can make its way into your pocket.

We are making influence marketing accessible.

Our platform is an open marketplace. We do not discriminate. Sure, we welcome "A" list influencers, but we welcome everyone with an online following to participate in our marketplace. Why not join us today? It may be the start of a very exciting journey.

What is the Newsworthy.ai Influencer Marketplace?

When companies submit news releases to Newsworthy.ai, they have the option to find and hire influencers that will share and promote their news — for an agreed price. Registering as an influencer is easy and free. To register, simply:

  • Create your free Newsworthy.ai account by entering your name and email, or log in with your LinkedIn (preferred) or Google account.
  • Complete your profile and add a short bio describing your influence. Then, add some “services” that you are willing to do to help promote a company’s news — and the fee you will charge (e.g., Tweet for $5, a blog post for $500, etc.).

That’s it! You’ll be notified when a company selects your service offering. It’s your choice to accept or reject the request. If you accept, you’ll get paid when you complete the task. If you offer to do something for $10, you’ll get paid $10.

A note about fees: Newsworthy.ai operates on a "buyers premium" model where the buyer pays all fees. As an influencer, you will NEVER be charged or asked to pay any fees. An influencer’s fees are paid by the company that hires the influencer.

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Attention Influencers

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Newsworthy.ai provides you with a unique Influencer Marketplace that gives you the opportunity to earn while sharing news with your audience.

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