Why We Are Different

Newsworthy.ai — built for the way news is consumed today.

We are innovators. By necessity, that means we have to be different. But, we are not different just for the sake of being different. We're different because news consumption today is different. Traditional media still dominate but are no longer the sole champions of authority, objectivity and quality. Today, 'news' is created and consumed by highly fragmented communities of content creators and influencers who distribute/publish content on social media, discussion forums, blogs and other places.

Newsworthy.ai helps you reach these communities by combining traditional newswire distribution features with influencer marketing, blockchain and AI to help you get more people to see, engage with and promote your news. Take a look at some of the things that make us unique and different.

AI - Algorithmic Intelligence

Newsworthy.ai is designed to get smarter. We are training machine learning (ML) models that will help you become better at your job. Our goal is to help you improve your message and your reach with pre-distribution insights derived from machine learning to help improve relevance, readability, and pickup of your news. AI also helps us keep our costs down by reducing the demand for editorial and support staff so that your PR/Marketing budget goes further.

Built on Blockchain

We register every press release in the blockchain. This allows us to blockchain verify all news that is distributed from our platform. And for the first time in news distribution history, blockchain allows you to host your own press release and benefit from the increased traffic to your site! This is thanks in large part to blockchain verification. Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of self-hosted news.

Influencer Marketplace

As the influence of legacy media begins to wane, it becomes necessary to look for new sources of influence. Newsworthy.ai has a built-in influencer marketplace that allows you to engage directly with influencers who agree to help share and promote your news. The result? More people will see and engage with your news.

Self-Hosted News

Typically when you send a press release out into the world, it resides on the server of your chosen distribution partner. There is an important reason for this. Your distribution partner serves an important role. They act as the source of truth for the press releases they distribute. They need to represent to the world that the press release you sent out does not get altered. The result is that they get 100% of the traffic. Sure you will get a few "click-throughs" to your website, but your distribution partner gets thousands of page views.

With Newsworthy.ai self-hosted news distribution, you get more traffic. Why is this important? Let's answer this by taking a look at the benefits.

  1. More Traffic. When someone pulls up your press release we redirect them to the press release hosted on your site.
  2. More Control. When you self-host your press release you control the entire user experience. You control the on-page user experience.
  3. Improved Transparency. You don't need to trust our analytics when you have access to your own site analytics. Self-hosting your press release gives you better insights and transparency over your results.
  4. Increased Trust. The blockchain verified badge builds trust with your site visitors.

All of this is made possible because of our blockchain registration and verification technology.


We scour the internet and organize news stories to help you identify news trends, monitor the coverage and activities of your competition, identify journalists, and uncover opportunities. This is all part of your Newsworthy subscription.

World Class Publishing Platform

Newsworthy.ai provides you with a news publishing platform that helps you organize your activities by company, division, or clients. Assets are stored and organized to help streamline your publishing experience.

We're Fair

It is a lofty goal, but we expect our users to hold us to our commitment to fairness. Unlike traditional service subscription models, Newsworthy's subscription model is a unique Top Off system. You commit to the amount of activity that works for you. Rather than charge you each month for services you do not use, we simply Top Off your account on a monthly basis so that your account is always refueled and waiting for you.

Attention Influencers

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Newsworthy.ai provides you with a unique Influencer Marketplace that gives you the opportunity to earn while sharing news with your audience.

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