Prosperix Workforce Insights Moves Beyond Traditional Worker Tracking by Incorporating Real-time Data and Analytics

By adopting this modern, data-driven solution, every company can gain unprecedented insight into its total workforce, analyzing performance, costs, and outcomes in real-time.

Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • Prosperix Workforce Insights provides easy-to-use analytics for smart business decisions.
  • The solution offers complete transparency and access to workforce data in one place.
  • Prosperix Xponential goes beyond VMS/MSP to offer end-to-end comprehensive solutions.
Workforce Insights

Analytics in easy-to-read dashboards with Prosperix Workforce Insights

It’s a cost-effective, data-rich tool that increases the power of every workforce, and our clients are already achieving exceptional results. - Sunil Bagai, Prosperix CEO

San Jose, California ( Wednesday Dec 7, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

Prosperix, a workforce solutions company, introduces another industry-leading solution for companies struggling to meet today’s unpredictable and rapidly-changing world of work. Without visibility into an entire workforce, companies find it difficult to know who works for them, where they are located, what jobs are being done, how much is being paid, and what access they have within a company. And that can mean trouble on many levels.

Meet Prosperix Workforce Insights. More than traditional worker tracking, the updated, modern solution provides sophisticated worker tracking and analytics in one easy-to-use module. Users can manage a total workforce (extended and full-time) with the real-time data and analytics necessary to make quick, accurate, insightful decisions. Having that information means better tactical and strategic decisions which lead to better overall business outcomes.

“We know companies need this solution because they are asking for it, regardless of what’s in their existing technology ecosystems. Our offering is user-friendly and easy to integrate, so it is quickly becoming the answer for so many businesses,” said Prosperix CEO Sunil Bagai. “It’s a cost-effective, data-rich tool that increases the power of every workforce, and our clients are already achieving exceptional results.”

Prosperix Workforce Insights provides a single location where users can:

● Gain full visibility and transparency into every aspect of a workforce

● Access detailed reports based on spend, geography, departments, skills, and diversity

● Gather complete assignment details and manage all documentation

● Update provisioning teams to lessen security risks

● Track and compare bill and pay rates

● Classify workers accurately to reduce risk

● Track purchase orders and complete billing information

● Maintain a complete audit trail

This innovative, affordable solution can be implemented as a stand-alone solution available through the Prosperix VMS Network or be used as part of Prosperix Xponential, the company’s bundled solutions and services offering. Prosperix Xponential goes beyond the expected VMS/MSP combination, bringing together its patent-pending VMS Network, MSP expertise, hiring marketplace technology, 1099 compliance, and payrolling services into an end-to-end comprehensive solution.

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